Usurper - "Fishing For Tripe" CD​-​R.

by Duff & Robertson

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"Rejected by THREE labels since 2011, this album finally reaches you dear potential listener thanks to yr pals in the gutter here at CM." - Chocolate Monk.

"In 2011 when the Brothers Usurper assembled these recordings we envisioned them as our most wholesome effort to date. A real charming affair featuring two men, a wife, a pregnant partner and the Duff family plughole. So why would it be the one dose of Usurper bumf which various avant-hands got burned by and was deemed too hot to hump or handle? Maybe it'll do right by you, seeing as you're such a family-oriented advertisement for wholesome hetero-nuptials, but... i dunno, Dylan... maybe it's cursed?" - Ali Robertson.

"Each usurper recording makes me think of a great day I’ve had with my friend Ali. The great day got better this day when it also included Louise (the love of my life), Collette (the love of Ali’s life) and my unborn son Linus (the lover of life). The recording features my favourite usurper moment to this point. It was recorded in my kitchen. Louise was doing her upholstery next door, and she was hammering on a chair. As she hammered the sink started to glug. Ali had been wandering with the microphone and got it right near the plughole. Louise and the plug jammed blindly together, not knowing the other was singing the same song. It was just one of those moments, you know, Jaques Tati’s paint pot in the sea. I told Ali recently that this was my favourite usurper moment. He looked at me and said “your favourite usurper moment has neither of us playing on it!”" - Malcy Duff.


released July 1, 2013

All noises by Malcy Duff & Ali Robertson (with Louise Donoghue & Collette Martin on track 5.)
Mastered by Dave Paton.



Duff & Robertson Edinburgh, UK

Largely unpopular work by The Brothers Usurper: Malcy Duff & Ali Robertson.

"I'm not laughing at him. I'm laughing with him. No, I'm not laughing at him. I'm laughing with him."

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